Halal Certification Testing and Research Services (HCTRS)

Halal Certification, Testing and Research Services (HCTRS)

Halal Certification, Testing and Research Services (HCTRS)

International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS), University of Karachi, Karachi-75270, Pakistan.

HCTRS is offering professional Halal certification, testing and research services
ALHUMDULILLAHHCTRS, ICCBS, HEJ, UOK is now registered and approved as Halal CB from Pakistan Halal Authority (PHA) Ministry of Science and Technology Most Pakistan.

Salient Features

About Us (HCTRS)

Halal Certification Testing and Research Services (HCTRS) is a client oriented Halal Certification Body that also offers testing and research services for critical ingredients of various food and non-food products for the assurance of Halal. We use the official procedures of USP, BP, EP, ASTM, AOAC and AOCS for client’s satisfaction.

Halal Certification Services

The HCTRS is offering a variety of Halal Certification services

Halal Research Services

Our Halal research services includes ingredients evaluations with respect to their source of origination. HCTRS has its data base for materials with respect to halal, haram & Mashbooh status are available.

Also, for R & D purpose, HCTRS also provide research with respect to halal authenticity to industries round the globe.

Halal Training Program

We are regularly conducting training courses/modules for engineers, scientists, and technicians of industries, universities, and R&D organizations. Main aim of these courses is to strengthen the capacity of the technical staff of National and International Industries.

Our Values

Our Vision

To serve the nation, Muslim Ummah and humanity with Sharia compliance services for Halal conformity assessment and capacity building.

Our Mission

We envision to be the premier research-intensive organization, to provide single platform for Halal industries related sustainable solutions, to the regulatory, industry, academia & consumers.

Quality Policy

Halal Certification, Testing and Research Services (HCTRS) is established as an internationally recognized Halal certification body which serves the Muslim Ummah with its professionalism and excellence in accordance with the divine dictates of the Islamic Laws.

Certified Clients

Apart from this we also supply brands whichare famous in african markets such as

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